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Welcome all you interested, beautiful and awesome people that got lost so deep in the notion channel to find yourselves and your otherselves now upon our CHAOS/MOSIS page! Born from crisis in 2032, our group unfolded into an international, transdisciplinary, spiritual, liberal, non-conformist, environmentalist, global thinking but locally acting collective that works with shared emotions and dreams to communicate our ideas to the world. Isn’t that something?

You always wanted to find out more about the role of trans-disciplinarity and cross-institutional learning in 2045? Did you ever ask yourself:

Well… good news: You’re completely right here, so hop on and discover our little universe:


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CHAOS/MOSIS - Readings

CHAOS/MOSIS - cosmic play where dead souls must play the roles of figments in the living’s thoughts, manuel arturo abreu

CHAOS/MOSIS - The Story Behind The Great Blackout (AI Generated)

Sentences for the presentation

Plan for the Presentation

RECAP of our 2045 Meeting